Marketing Strategies

How to create raving fans

A variation of word-of-mouth advertising is what I call testimonial marketing. The best way to explain it is with some examples.

The best automobile salesman I've ever met is David Khan. This guy is a true professional in every sense of the word. He's knowledgeable, competent, a skilled listener. He's able to exert pressure without being offensive and has many other great sales skills but his most impressive attribute is mastery of testimonial marketing.

The easiest strategy for getting referrals

Before I move on from our topic of different referral strategies, I want to talk about what is perhaps the most effective, yet underused referral strategy that I know which is to...

...simply ask for them.

Many business owners and executives, professionals and even sales people have all sorts of mental hang-ups about asking for referrals. However, most of those hang-ups are invalid and I find that those who ask, get!

The little things to do to create success

In my last blog I spoke about how Disney was able to be so successful at creating word-of-mouth advertising. Now, this brings up a very important theme that should be behind all your marketing efforts which is...

...little things mean a lot.

Think of it this way, if you throw one little metal B-B at a window you probably won't shatter the glass, but if you super glue a couple of hundred of those little B-B's together into a ball, that'll smash the window.