Marketing Strategies

How to find prospects

Just to refresh your memory, in my last blog I was talking about direct marketing and specifically, why direct mail is still one of the best values there is to reach your customers and prospects. 

I also identified that there were three aspects of success in direct marketing advertising. Now let's spend some time and discuss each of them. 

How to get your customers selling for you

Previously I talked about a specific type of word-of-mouth advertising that I call "testimonial marketing" and I gave you specific examples how entrepreneurs use it effectively. Now I want to talk to you about application of this strategy.

In fact, there are two specific applications of this idea I'd suggest you think about:

1. Geographic target market; and

2. Customer category target marketing.

Let's use a print shop as an example of both types of testimonial marketing.

A print shop happens to have two architect firms as loyal regular, satisfied customers.