Marketing Strategies

Successful marketing strategy

We're still talking about the three aspects that make for a successful marketing strategy and so far, I've identified the first two? the list and the offer. 

Of course, the third stepping stone to direct marketing success is the mailing piece itself. If one is the list and two is the offer, then three is what we might call the packaging or the presentation of the offer. 

Five ways to craft an effective offer

As I mentioned in my previous blog, a good offer can make all of the difference in the world in the overall results of your direct marketing. 

In order to craft these highly effective offers, here are the ingredients that can be used in the thinking that should go into them. 

1.  Something new, as in new products, new services, new prices. 

2.  A sale or specially discounted prices. 

3.  A bonus or premium for purchasing or even just for coming in. 

4.  A gift for responding. 

How to reduce waste factor in direct mail

I have been talking about the three aspects of a successful direct marketing campaign. The first is the list or lists selection, which is the starting point of the direct mail marketing process. 

Then second comes the development of a 'matching offer.' 

The offer you make in a direct mail package needs to be carefully thought out and matched as closely as possible to the interest, needs, and motivations of the list. And as a general rule of thumb the more specifically matched the offer and list are the higher the response rate.