Marketing Strategies

How to make your advertising produce

There are fourteen tips to create effective advertising copy. Here are the first seven: 

1) Translate features into benefits. Don't just give information and assume that the reader will interpret. Example, front-wheel-drive is a product feature on an automobile. In advertising that car it would be a great mistake just to say that and assume that the reader knows why front wheel drive is a desirable feature. The advertising has to go on to explain the benefits of front wheel drive - safety, improved cornering, improved braking, better mileage and so on. 

The secret to direct mail success

Need some specific ideas and guidelines to help you write effective advertising copy?

Whether it's a sales letter, postcard, or on the web, think format, copy and graphic components. 

A graphic component can be a cartoon, a drawing, a photograph, a border, a key word in a dramatic typeface. 

Most needs for such things can be filled very inexpensively with what is commonly called clip art in the advertising business. You can buy books of copyright free clip art in art supply stores and by mail from several different companies.