Marketing Strategies

Looks DO matter

In my last Marketing Strategy blog I wrote about the importance of environmental appearance as it relates to first impressions.  A related matter is the personal appearance of the people your customers will deal with. 

It's important to understand that most customer impressions are formed with non-verbal input not verbal.  The appearance your people present, the image they offer will have much more impact than whatever they say. 

What makes prospects buy?

I've talked about headlines, subheads and photo captions, the critical attention getting and interest building components of advertising supported by good, effective copy, along with the fourteen tips that go into writing effective copy. 

Now let's switch gears and talk about what I believe is the single most important device that gets your customers or prospects to buy... the call to action!

Is your advertising delivering?

In my last blog I revealed number 1 - 7 of the 14 tips that make sure your advertising works. Now let's go through the last seven, numbers 8 - 14. 

8) Keep your copy lean not necessarily short. Watch out for wordiness that distracts from the sales message. If a word or phrase does not advance the sales process why is it there? Most copywriters like to edit their rough drafts after a day or two cooling off period. You may want to use this same approach.