Marketing Strategies

Do you value your customers?

In keeping with the all important concept of the value of customers that I talked about in my previous blog, I want to talk just a little about the few truly excellent American companies I carefully observe and respect, and why they are so successful.

First, let's talk a little about the lack of excellence.

One great place to find that is the hospitality industry.

What is the true value of your business?

Consider not only your immediate short term needs but also your long term hopes; and in that process very carefully consider the value of the customer / client. Every business, every product line, every service organisation even if it is distanced from the ultimate consumer by a chain distribution, is still dependent on an actual consumer for its lasting success.

The greatest asset a business can ever posses is a known list of satisfied, loyal customers. 

Successful Marketing Strategies

Whenever we talk about effective marketing we have to also talk about goals.

Most marketers, like most people, foolishly play blind archery. Archery is tough enough. Why make it more difficult?

The first step in the marketing process is to clarify what you want to accomplish.

Many businesses ultimately fail because their marketing objectives are too shallow. In other words, if your only objective is a certain level of sales volume and income, you're building your business on shifting sand rather than a solid foundation.