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As a Charity, we understand and appreciate that you work in a completely different mindset compared to profit driven organisations. - IT for Charities has been specifically designed for New Zealand Charities. Every Charity will benefit through economies of scale. This means the more Charities that sign up the more we all save. 

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Why choose us?

We are independent, working with you to design and create customised solutions to fuse business stratgey, organisational processes and information technology to create innovation and growth.

The benefits you will achieve from our engagement will be:

Concerned with increasing IT costs?

Many charities are beoming concerned with the increasing costs associated with IT.

This is often broken down into one (or more) of the following key areas:

- It is believed cloud computing can help reduce costs

- The frequency or number of ongoing problems is costing the organisation money

- An organisation is evaluating outsourcing their internal IT team