Looking for a proactive IT partner?

Many charities reach a size and maturity where they need a more proactive IT partner.

Often when this occurs organisations may:

- Feel like they must put pressure on the provider before issues are resolved

- Feel that support is reactive with problems often re-occurring

- Suffer poorer service as their needs become increasingly demanding

- Be concerned about a lack of IT strategy and lack of a strategic planning

- Be possibly worried about the key person risk associated with working with a small provider

Whereas in the past the cheapest price may have been the biggest priority, there is now a desire for a more proactive, strategic relationship where the biggest consideration is now what provider will offer the best ongoing value.

At JamesPratt.com - IT for Charities, we aim to deliver an end to end solution that incorporates not only the day to day IT support, but also strategic planning and IT management.

We understand that as an organisation grows, you need a partner that is more proactive in ensuring that your IT platform is running as efficiently as possible and you are kept abreast of the latest technology changes affecting the industry.

This process often starts with an IT Health Check and meeting with the key stakeholders so we can best understand what the organisation is trying to achieve.  From there, we are able to develop a roadmap and support structure that meets the needs of your team moving forward.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider changing your IT Supplier:

1. Paying too much.

2. Paying for help desk calls.

3. Not being listen to.

4. Bad communication and reporting.

5. Receiving incorrect advice.

6. No ongoing support or customer service.

7. Don't understand how charities work.

8. Ongoing technical issues arising.

9. Don't offer a one-stop-shop to IT solutions.

10. No strategic or forward planning. 

I would like to arrange a no obligation 30 minute consultation to see if we can establish a mutual interest.

As a sign of this commitment, I would like to offer you a 50% discount on an IT Health Check (valued at $3000 - $5000 +GST).