Discover how to only pay for leads that result in a sale

On your desk, on your business' counter or mounted on your wall is a powerful effective marketing tool that you're already paying for but probably using a lot less and a lot less effectively than you could be. The tool is the... telephone.

Telemarketing is an area of tremendous interest in all types of business today as the cost of other methods of prospecting, qualifying customers or clients and marketing continue to increase dramatically.

What to do when your customers complain

In my previous Successful Marketing Strategy blog I identified the fact that every business, no matter how well managed, will have to deal with dissatisfied even angry customers from time to time.  Sometimes the customer is justified in his/her complaints other times he/she is not, but the handling of the dissatisfied customer can have far reaching impact on a business. 

Now, I want to talk with you about techniques that you should consider when dealing with the dissatisfied customer.