Secrets to a great opening

In my last blog I introduced you to the three things that must be accomplished in the opening of your direct mail piece.

By way of review you must:

1.   Telegraph the offer.

2.   Emphasize the best aspect of the offer.

3.   Target the reader

Now let me explain in more detail exactly what I mean.

An opening that can TELEGRAPH the offer is tricky.  It has to convey the offer in a way that heightens desire to learn more rather than lessening the desire to learn more. 

Dig the well before you thirst

In my last blog, we finished up our discussion about the seven strategies that can help you stimulate new business, increase business from existent customers and build repeat business.

Just to review our list, they are:

  1. A Frequent Buyer Program

  2. Discounting

  3. Premiums

  4. Packaging

  5. Prepay

  6. Acceptance of Major Credit Cards

  7. Regulars Mailings To Past Or Present Customers Or Clients (My Personal favorite)