Testimonial #1

I am the Chief Executive Officer at Workmates Supported Employment (Focus Trust Inc - Charitable Trust).

It is my pleasure to highly recommend the 'IT for Charities' service of JamesPratt.com to you.

We had become increasingly disillusioned with out current IT Supplier and were becoming frustrated with the constant IT budget blow outs.

Having worked directly with James Pratt, CEO of JamesPratt.com, we were very impressed with the IT Health Check and agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

JamesPratt.com are very much customer focused and work with us (side by side) adding value to all aspects of our business while ensuring knowledge transfer, coaching and mentoring.

We are very pleased to be signed up to their 'IT for Charities' service and encourage and support any charitable trust to sign up.

I am very happy to recommend JamesPratt.com to anyone seeking IT Solutions.

Susan Christian
Chief Executive Officer
021 137 5749